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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 13, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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hold only your hat. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. today in the bay area, craig her rare ya, your meteorologist. >> if you're going out to rake your leaves up or gather them into a pile, pick them up quickly because the wind is coming through. if you live in the hills, it's gusty at times. chris, it will be with us for most of the morning. then you saw the beautiful blue, blue skies. it's 51 degrees there today. right now we'll get into the 70s. the cloud cover and the storms are headed to the pacific northwest. there's actually a ridge of high pressure that's going to expand our derek in. in doing so it will give us sunshine and even 70s. your daily planner today, highs in the 50s. then as we go through 5:00 p.m., a couple of the 70s. i'll have more on the seven-day forecast. it's next weekend that we'll see some cooling and more rain back in the forecast. >> this is not bad. it's a fall weekend. wear a sweater.
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>> i like it. this morning we begin with developing news for you. house speaker nancy pelosi is jumping into the fight to keep a san francisco college student in the country. in a state nancy pelosi says she's working with others in congress to work with immigration officials to keep 20-year-old nursing student steven li from being deported to peru. this weekend supporters continue to make last-ditch efforts to key li in the bay area after rallying outside barbara boxer's office yesterday. the story is this. his parents fled in the 1980s to o escape china's rule. when he came to the u.s. he was 12 years oil and he did not know he was in the country illegally. he's now arrested and sits in a detention area. yesterday an immigration official denied his request for a delay. monday he would be sent back to peru where he was born but where
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he hasn't lived in 14 years. >> if steven li is deported to peru, he will lose everything. he doesn't have any family there, he doesn't have any family there, he doesn't have a home to come home to. there's nobody there to support him. >> li's family's request for asylum was denied. she could be deported to china. police shot and kill and unarmed man earlier this week. oakland police officers thought that 37-year-old derek jones had a gun in his waistband as he ran from police monday night. we now know that that shiny silver object that officers saw was, in fact, an electronic scale. he was known for a gun possession. last night the pro arts gallery opened an open night mike where young people voiced their frustration saying a badge was
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not a license to kill. >> they'll stop us and harass us. my boyfriend got sent to jail for no reason. he was black, he had dreads. >> we're hoping with this forum we can make solutions with all these different diverse backgrounds an cultures and we want to get their input before we make any solutions. >> a community meeting is planned for 4:00 this afternoon at olivet church in oakland. a safety alert now for san francisco whether you live in san francisco or go to work there. you foreign could make you a victim. robbers are watching for folks distracted either texting or talking. then the robbers are surprising them with pepper spray. police say they victimized five people in the last few nights just this way. adding insult to injury, some of the victims didn't just get pepper sprayed and robbed.
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some were kicked. one was hit in the head. >> as soon as i passed seeing them, they hit me in the back with either a 2 x 4 or a baseball bat. >> none of the injuries were life-threatening. we asked for a detailed description but we don't have one because the victims were pepper sprayed. one did see them fleeing in a saturn after stealing his wallet and ipad. this morning police say it all started after 6:00 last night when the suspect began tailgating another car. the driver of that car pulled off the freeway. police say that's when the suspect drove up from behind and fired three shots. the victim was hit in the leg but is expected to survive. now the police are looking for a late 1990s model lexus four-door
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sedan with stock rims and dark tinted windows. call police if you saw anything on interstate 80. in san francisco police are searching for a driver and the accomplice who dragged an officer down a city street. it happened yesterday afternoon when the officer pulled over a driver of the suv. when that officer saw what he believed to be drugs inside the suv, he reached inside to control the driver's hands but the driver had other ideas. he hit the gas, dragged the officer a short distance. another officer fired a shot at the suv but hit nobody inside. the officer suffered life-threatening injuries but should be okay. the driver and passenger, they're still on the run. this morning a statewide task force says voter-approved bans on where sex offenders can live is actually making the streets more dangerous. it makes it illegal for sex offenders to live within 2,000 feet of schools and parks. the problem is that in some communities that means that there is nowhere for the
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offenders to live legally, so many end up on the streets where they are harder to keep track of. the task force says the ban should be overturned and parole agents should be charged. it's unclear how much it would cost taxpayers if they are implemented by the state. a san francisco man charged with attacking an elderly priest at a nursing home is pleading not guilty. 44-year-old will lynch says he plans to use his trial to publicly shame catholic priest for years of alemgedleged abuse. he told the "associated press," quote, somebody needs to be a face for this abuse an i'm prepared to put my life on the line. there's nothing they can take from me that they haven't already taken. that's a quote. he's charged with luring the priest into the lobby where he lives and beating him. he said that the reverend gerald limbener sexually abused him and
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his brother more than three decades ago. limbener denied the abuse and has never been criminally charged so his order has paid out a settlement. the antioch man who stopped traffic on the west bay bridge while holding his 16-year-old daughter hostage now faces several charges. craig carlos-valentino, a father of eight was suffering over financial difficulties and claimed his wife 206 years was cheating on him. he faces several charges including making a false bomb threat. he's scheduled to appear at a san francisco courtroom on monday. three bay area hospitals will have to pay up after a costly slap on the wrist from the state. california pacific medical center in san francisco will pay $125,000 in fines for not following proper surgical procedures with patients. petaluma owes $50,000 and ucsf was fined for surgery issues and
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improperly discontributing medicine. they're required to submit a plan to prevent super incidents in the future. a laureate gets more than a nobel peace prize. she gets her freedom. ♪
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new this morning president obama is applauding the release of political prisoner aung san suu kyi. she stepped outside her home this morning for the first time in 7 1/2 years. president obama calls her one of his personal heroes. aung san suu kyi is one of the world's most prominent political prisoners known for her fight for democracy. myanmar has been under rule since 1962.
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right now president obama is in japan trying to convince japan to join in the asia-pacific countries. it's stopping short of formally joining negotiations. japanese farmers are critical of the partnership saying it could affect their agricultural sector. it's nearly two weeks after election but the votes are still being counted. san francisco district attorney now has a raw zor-thin edge over her opponent coolly. she leads with about 5,000 votes which is a fraction of 1%. counties have until the first week of december to count the tallies so it's possible cool li could regain the lead the city is under fire for not providing residents with enough ballots in the language
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in which they speak. in one area they found no chinese or spanish even though 35% are of chinese or hispanic descent. >> it's a dream of immigrants to become u.s. citizens and maybe vote for the first time an we did observe first-time voters not being able to equally and effect live cast their ball lo, and that's a problem. >> an attorney with the asian law office says of the four counties he observed alameda county performed the worst. they have not yet provided a response to that study. california's budget situation may have gotten even worse. governor schwarzenegger says the $6 million hole in the budget last month was unforeseen. he blamed it on the legislature and the voters that zaps revenue
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the state is expected to collect. steinburg accuses them of receiving money from the federal government he had never been promised. the outgoing governor plans to call a special session to deal with that shortfall. new this morning, a newly renovated fire station will reopen in the city of san jose despite massive budget cuts and recent fire fighter layoffs. the $159 million station will sit between capital avenue and white road. joining us from the soon-to-be-opened station is captain gutierrez. thanks for joining us. so this is a happy day for you with a new station about to open, right? >> one more time, i'm sorry? >> i said this must be a happy day for you with a station that's opening in the midst of all the bad economic news. >> it's very nice to have a new staying. the station has been a long time
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in coming. the crews are excited about it. we'ral really grateful and thankful of the grand opening and the opening of the new station. >> we know these are very tough budget time fwus station was built with funds voters approved of back in 2002. so how are you going to staff the station? we know that times have been very tough for the fire department. >> well, the station was built with a bond that was staffed. the staffing was from the previous fire companies that were here before the station was taken down for the rebuild, so we have our engine and our truck back. we're still missing our water tending that used to be housed out here. we're hoping to get that back and it will be back and up and running like before. >> i know that, you know, in the difficult negotiations between the fire department and the city, at one point, you know, you guys were really pitted
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against each other, the city asking the union to take a pay cut essentially and firefighters responded that was going to make for a delayed response call time. what's your response to that and how does this fa sult help to address that? >> you know, those type of questions i'll also refer back to our local. we follow -- they advise us of what to do, and we refer all those questions back to them, so those questions i'll refer back to local 230. >> okay. we can't wait to get the inside tour but thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> oh, you're welcome. thank you. >> have a great day. coming up next on "today in the bay," hamlet meets the rock. the unconventional way you can catch shakespeare's masterpiece tonight. >> a little bit of wind out there. we're looking at san bruno out toward the city. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. i started bringing my lunch to work.
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good morning do you. take a look at the golden gate bridge. it's dusty and windy in spots. remember, 10 and 2. actually we googled it. it's 9 and 3, depending on the shape of your steering wheel. the placement of the cruise control and all those different things. >> i had no idea. i learned something today. some of those winds are at 20 miles an hour. >> hold on wherever. >> this is me not moving in this today. we'll take you outside and give yu a few more live shots. you can make it out there. alcatraz out in the distance. look at the sky. not much in the way of clouds. and, yeah, just a little breezy at times. next shot of oakland looking toward the bay, toward san francisco. a great shot toward mount toll a pias.
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sunshine here and you can kind of make out the trees along the road. just kind of moving around a bit. south end of the bay toward san jose looking toward fremont hills and toward fremont hall. we do have winds out there. any time we have wind, the cold air doesn't settle in to the valleys. we've got things that move in quite a bit. we don't drop into the 30s. the wind's helping us to stay in the 40s. even 50s in san francisco. you lose the windful cold air is heavier. since the wind's moving in through this morning, we're getting some clearing. here's the satellite loop. look at the storm track. it's going into the pacific northwest. nice for our friends this washington. sunshine for us across the entire state. we'll have 70s around the bay area. they're going to park off the coast. i think about the wind. this is coming across in a clockwise rotation. it's a dry warm wind. it sinks. as it sinks it goes through the
7:20 am
valleys and the hills, especially above 1,000 feet, 2,000 feet. gusty at times through 11:00. on sunday, sunday, less in the way of wind, more 70s. today we have lower 70s. we'll have mid-70s by tomorrow. 81. you head into the central valley, some 70s. look at the beaches. 60s in monterrey bay. highs around the bay area, 60s at the coast today, mid-60s at that. 68 in san francisco. 71 for oakland and 73 in san jose. east side of the bay, inland valleys through pleasanton, conklin, walnut creek, mid-70s. napa valley, lore rinne county. there are $10 adoption fees
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today. pet adoptions for pets in need, kepler's bookstore and the designer's industry foundation on wednesday. i'll be at macy's unveiling the windows. the pets in the windows are looking for homes and they're looking for volunteers. that's so much fun. i el be there. seven-day forecast, next week it will be warm. if you go to unveiling maybe a couple of showers. saturday, i don't have it on here, we'll be in the 50s. maybe dusting of snow this the higher elevations because we've got colder air coming in next weekend. >> for that macy's event, you can volunteer to help for the event. you don't have to volunteer to adopt. >> exactly. those cats and dogs are so cute. >> i know. you might end up taking one home. >> walk by. >> here's one that you'll like maybe. shakespeare on alcatraz through november 21st, you can watch the
7:22 am
play hamlet on the rock. the wee player production begins when this ferry leaves. thy leave the audience members around the grounds of the prison. there's a performance today at 3:00. the show is free but donations are encouraged. still ahead in the bay it will take big shoes to take the place of legendary basketball coach john wooden but no one will sit in his seat. coming up in sports, good news an bad news for the warriors. the sale of the team is final but a star is forced to sichlt plus the a's makes a move and the cal's women's basketball season opens. my mercury moment happened at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. joey came over to watch the game when the storm rolled in.
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it's a full court press when it comes to bay area basketball. today we have your highlights an your morning sports. >> good morning, everyone.
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the news warrior fans have been anticipated for four months is finally here. the chris cohan era finally over. they approved the record $450 million sale handing control to a group let by peter gruber. the duo will be introduced by the warriors on monday, but in the meantime both expressed their excitement of taking control of the team in a statement released by golden state. lay cub called it a dream come true. he details his commitment to the fan base saying, quote, we'll work extremely hard to represent you as and the championship you deceive. as for the team they're taking over, the warriors are off to an impressive 6-3 start this southbound but now we're about to see what the team is really made of thanks to what they call adversity. they call it an infected elbow,
7:26 am
specifically david lee's infected elbow. he was injured wednesday night against the knicks when that elbow wound up in the chest of chandler. that led to a painful infection that put him in the hospital by thursday morning. he'll have surgery on the elbow to clean out the infection. easterly estimated had him missing about two weeks. >> there was plenty of love last night in minnesota as in kevin love. the timberwolves' young forward tallied the league's first 30/30 year. he had 31 points and 31 rebounds, 15 of which came in the third quarter alone as minnesota rallied to beat the knicks. afterward he said he even impressed himself. basketball season kicking into high gear thanks to the cll game. the local men tipping off next week. last night, the women. this time opening the season as the defending wnit champs an
7:27 am
going for their seventh win in a row. pick it up in the second half. cal up two but the bears in transition. lindsey sherman, a true freshman. cal goes on to open the season with a win, 66-57. well, he may not be the best defensive third baseman on the roster but edwin encarnacion became the best slugger. bringing him and his 21 homers to the bay area. that is more than any athletic hit in 2010 and encarnacion only played in 96 games. the a's aren't ready to say where they'll use him next season. probably can use him at the plate. that's a look at sports. have a great day. for the first time in more than 50 years 4re7b8gdary john wooden won't but there to cheer on the bruins but he'll certainly be there in spirit. no one sat in section 103b, row
7:28 am
2, seat one. that was reserved for wooden since he was a fixture at the game in 1962. he died in los angeles in june at the age of 99. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up next at 7:30, detention for a son's school district employee. and there's a new cop. it's chris morris's first week as acting police chief. he joins us in studio so we can talk about what's ahead. blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna -- wow. [ beep ] [ man ] yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. [ woman ] did it just -- [ both ] target the blood? [ man ] yeah, drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®. that is different. so freestyle lite test strips make testing... [ man ] easy? easy. [ man ] call for a special offer and go to walgreens to learn more about diabetes. and get freestyle lite test strips today.
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ja good morning to you, folks. there's a toy drive at city hall. you can drop off toys if you have some. thank you for joining us. kris sanchez and craig herrera,
7:31 am
meteorologist. >> we have 70s this afternoon. a little bit of wind this afternoon. it's coming in from the north. it's a dryer warmer wind. a little gusty. but most of us are dealing with nice conditions as we go through the afternoon. highs today in the 60th. a couple of 70s. no real cloud over if area. 68 in san francisco. 73 through concord and sonoma right through santa clara. chrissi in chris, we do have rain in the seven-day forecast but that's quite a distance. enjoy the sunshine. we'll have more of a breakdown in a bit. >> we'll take the breeziness. this morning five san francisco school employees are under investigation over improper payment allegations. in a letter carlos garcia said that the employees are accused of receiving up to $40,000 from community groups hire dodd work for the community schools. the money involves grants for after-school programs. garcia says it's against
7:32 am
district policy for employees to receive payments for services they're already on salary to deliver. four of the employees are either on leave or retired. ferry prices could go up and services could be reduced for the golden gate district's fleet. the bridge district is receiving a shortfall of $89 million. they're putting together a proposal that would cut costs for the general fleet. a public hearing was held on the issue last month. the proposal will go up for initial approve on thursday and final approval on friday. the measure is approved it will go into effect on january 1 st. are you wondering what to do with your car over the holidays. here's an option. b.a.r.t. has a lot open. 500 spaces will by available at select spaces. the parking spaces cost between
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$5 and $6 a day. reservations for long-term parking spaces can be made on line at easy for me to say. coming up on "today in the bay," the new top cop is shaping up the rank and file. he talks about the challenges the city faces and the changes he's prepared to make. ♪ came in last night at half past 10:00 ♪ ♪ that baby of mine wouldn't let me in ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a dog & a chevy, what else do you need? ♪
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rule the bedtime. rule the upload. verizon built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now, you can get a new samsung fascinate for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. in san jose there is a new top cop. chris moore is on his first week on the job as acting police chief in san jose and already there's plenty on his plate including getting up early to join us in studio live. thanks for joining us. you're about to start a very interesting career. >> we're facing a lot of
7:36 am
challenges. it's still a great place to be a police officer. >> in case folks don't know you were born in san francisco but you grew up in san jose, correct? >> actually i went to school in the north bay, grew up in san jose. >> undergraduate yut degree. >> way local. >> yeah. >> all right. so right now you are facing unprecedented budget cuts. these are very difficult times and the department has been rocked by some kind of controversial issues so let's start with the case that goes back to 2008 but which is coming back to the forefront. there were two police officers who were fired after an allegd d cover upin 2008. they were allowed of allowing an officer off the hook after crashing her car in 2008.
7:37 am
former chief rob davis fired them but they're going to be back on patrol. did you have a part in that? >> both were terminated. they went through the appeals process and binding arbitration. the city put forth its case, and what happened was that the arbitrator found that although the department made its case and there was a sustained finding, the arbitrate or determined tha the level of discipline he disagreed with. in fact, changed it from termination to an 11-month suspension, which is a pretty significant suspension. i think it's one of the longest in our department's history. having said that, both employees are now coming back to work. >> quite a lot of folks talk about the tactics that police use in downtown san jose. some people say it amounts to racial profiling in some cases. what's your opinion on that and do you have any idea for change? >> sure. we have undertaken a number of changes in enforcement, particularly in downtown. i mean downtown, very important to say it's very important we
7:38 am
want people to come down and enjoy the entertainment venues an night life and restaurants. the key is to make sure it's done in a save environment. there were complaints about the way we were talking and interacting with individuals downtown. we had the drunk in public issues. we offer up those who might be detained for being drunk in public to take a preliminary alcohol screening test and since we've instituted that, it's amazing. we don't have nearly the number of complaints and the rest have gone down and i think it's safer than it was two years ago. >> it was once considered the safest city in america. any time you have a position open at the police department or anywhere, it's always a debate whether to go with external or
7:39 am
internal. obviously you're a candidate and we asked mayor chuck reed what he thinks about that debate. here's what he's said. >> i've known chris moore for a long time. he's been a high-ranking police department chief for quite some time, so i know him, know of him, but it's a competitive process. the city manager is handling that. that's her job under the charter. it's a nationwide search. it's a competitive pool and we'll have to wait and see how it comes out. >> he had nice things to say about you but what do you think about the outsider versus insider debate. >> i think in any major city it requires a special person to be the police of chief. having said that, with haven't been outside our department for a chief since joe mcnamara came here. it's been long time. i will say this candidly. i think this city deserves the best belief chief it can find. whoever that is if they're the best qualified they should be the chief.
7:40 am
i happen to believe i have at this point in time the best set of characteristics and experience to be the chief in san jose, but, again, i dodge know who the other candidates are and i look forward to that competition. >> for now at least we'll call you chief, though acting chief and good luck. hope the city of san jose treating you well. the cost of higher learning. how to pay for college despite the latest rounds of peak heights. >> no rain, no clouds. a sunny weekend ahead. the details are right up. and i'll give you a free quote. come o, quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal.
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all right. craig is here with a look at your forecast. very breezy. maybe a ponytail or cap. >> you've got wind this morning. this afternoon will be fine. the sunshine will be great later today. >> it looks great already. >> it does. right now, you know, just a little bit of wind in the higher
7:43 am
elevations. look at that. a great shot. you can kind of make out the shot. clear conditions. not much in the way of clouds. next shot as we head off toward oakland and looking over the city, nice. plenty of sunshine there. over toward the east bay, you've got plenty of sunshine there. santa clara valley and downtown. lots of 50s around most of the bay area. there's city hall as we look out over downtown san jose. we've got 40s for the north in the bay. san rafael, napa and santa rosa. 50 in san jose. the wind will start to come through especially in the next several hours. we've got this ridge of high pressure. the wind is coming at and over this area. as it comes from the north it dries things out. the humidity comes down a little bit we do have the wind through here. 70s in place. more sunshine on sunday as well an less in the way of wind. this ridge will stay there at least through monday.
7:44 am
plenty of nice conditions. 82 in palm springs. mostly mid-60s. lake tahoe, if you're headed up there, 47. 70s for most locations. again, we talk about our microclimates not being what they are this time of year. we've got a bit of nice sunshine. pets in needs will be at kepler's bookstore. also the humane society has $10 cat adoptions through this month and later i'll be at dipfo's designing. i'll be doing the unveiling friday night. go to their website for full details. that is a fun event. also i'll be helping pets in neat in pal lowe alto. but this weekend is going to be active. we're talking rain, 50s for highs and a very cold weekend.
7:45 am
make the most of this. >> i know why you're going -- you said dining by design? you're like, i'm there. thanks, craig. coming up next on "today in the bay," students and parents trying to save and pay for college. good morning. i'm mike innoah, and there's a lot to do today in the bay. you want to wow your friending with culinary skill this holiday season head on over to hidden villa on mooney road. kids an adults can learn to bake organic cookies. check out for more information. it's hidden, but the website is not. now, you've heard of giving the shirt off of your back, this weekend you can give the fur out of your closet. that's right. shed the winter coats, folks. starting today bay area buffalo exchange area is asking you to bring in your fur coats, trims and accessories.
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they'll be donate them for bedding for animals. that's a great cause. check out that's a look at atwh's going on today in the bay. have yourself a great day. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin? bay area college students may be losing sleep not because of an all-night study session but because of the fear college could cost them and their parents a lot more money. they're raising fees by 15.5% by next fall. that's on top of more than the 30% increase we've seen over the last year. the plan is to hike tuition in two steps increasing it by 5% in the winter an spring terms and another 10% by next fall. those startling new tuition hikes have families scrambling for their child's education. as parents we're learning it's up to us. today in the bay, we have tips to deal with the high costs of higher education, no matter how
7:49 am
old your kids are. >> here's the bad news. college costs are rising by 7% a year. that's a lot faster than most of our salaries. >> and so people are looking at that, i thinking how am i going to be able to afford this. >> which is what we asked bay area financial planner cynthia freed oman. she said to pay for college you need to remember three numbers, 529. >> 529 is the best way to save for college. you get the dax-deferred growth or earnings which you get to use tax-free. >> so start saving now. if your kids are young they'll thank you when they start college. they might also benefit by starting at a community college. you benefit, too, by saving thousands of dollars you can then use when they transfer to a university. you can even pull money out of your i.r.a., only recommended if
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your kids are starting school soon with not much money set aside. >> as long as you're using it for higher education expenses you would not have to pay the 10% penalty. and so in general we don't recommend that because retirement comes first. you don't want to sacrifice your retirement. >> true, but you don't want to deny those brilliant kids of yours, so put away whatever you can. scott budman, today in the bay. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," we have a gorgeous little pet with a cute little walk. he's at the fur home. we'll show you how you can pick him up. wh
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finally this morning we have some very special guests, pets in need. volunteer lisa simmons is here with dana who is just so cute.
7:53 am
i wish you could see her walk. she has a cheerful little gait. >> she certainly does, trots along, happy to be alive. >> about 2 years old, right? >> about a year and a half, two. whelp we rescued her, she had two puppies. one is a carbon copy of her. >> how cute. >> they're adorable. she was very shy and undersocialized, so she's come an incredibly long way. she just likes to take it a little slower, but once she gets to know you, she's fabulous. >> the bonus is if you have bad hair days you just have to look at dana. she's ready for adoption. >> she sure is. she was just spayed earlier this week. she's microchipped and current on her vaccinations and ready to go. >> you can find more by going to their website. thanks so much for joining us and thank you so much for making
7:54 am
us a part of o your morning. we hope you join us for news tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00, and we'll be back with you in the morning. have great day. >> i have a great job and i get to travel and the last trip we did was to mexico. >> which you've made a show about, which is fantastic. you and your families traveled two two cities within mexico. >> that's exactly right. we went to puerto vallerta for almost ten weeks.
7:55 am
>> it's a great time to visit there. >> it's a two-edged sword. there's never been a better time. you see that stuff in the news but it's been amazing. prices are rock bottom and the places are as beautiful and safe as ever. >> it looks that way. tell us a little bit about puerto vallerta. where did you stay? >> we stayed a couple of places. we show different properties. we showcase them an stay somewhere an have adventures. so we stayed at a partner of ours, via group. via dell pamar las flamingas. and then a spa. >> tell us about the adventures that you went on with your family. >> we did a lot of stuff. we had a very packed schedule. pleasant holidays. we just go. a lot of people don't realize that the sierra madre i lands are right up in the shadow of the mountains in puerto
7:56 am
vallerta. jungles and mountains. we headed up on a lot of adventures. one on mules and then we came down on a zip line. some are a thousand feet long, it's amazing, hauling. >> what an adventure it. >>incredible. >> did your son go with you? >> i have an older son max. the younger one was back at the hotel. when go the extreme stuff, they're by the pool and playing around. >> tell us about cancun. >> absolutely. people don't realize it's almost like a brand-new city. a few years ago a hurricane came through and did a lot of damage. all the hotels were redone and even the beach. it is incredible. >> so it's a great time to go right now to cancun. >> never better. it's perfect. it's pristine. >> you and your wife got to go on a special retreat. >> we did. we stayed at a couples-only
7:57 am
retreat called leblanc. we had our own butler. we called at 3:00 in the morning to test him and he showed up. >> so your mom and son got to stay at a different location. >> we reconvened at the cancun palace which is a sister property to the leblanc. it's kind of a cruise ship. massive totally self-contained resort. everybody goes their separate ways an you get back together for dinner or meet at the suite. it's incredible. >> sounds like a great place if you're going with with a lot of people of different ages. >> it sure does. >> your next place had a special surprise. >> i'll spoil it. you'll see it on the show. it was called dreams cancun. they had their own dolphins, a bunch of them. there's a huge saltwater lagoon. you can get a room with an oelgs view or dolphin view of this place and my wife always dreamed
7:58 am
about being a dolphin trainer so she had her chance. we spent half the day in the water with the dolphins. you can ride them and they pull you around. >> it sounds -- >> it was a real treat. >> i know you did so much in cancun, but what are some of the other activities you got to go on? >>. >> we did a lot at the mine ruins there. you can spend the whole day there. the most exciting thing we did, we went about 20 miles off the coast and got in the water with whale sharks. now, they get to be about 60 feet long. you know, i'm one of those guys, i saw "jaws" when i was a kid. it scared me. these fish are huge. we swam with them. i wasn't supposed to but i touched one, grabbed its tail and i got in trouble. it was amazing. >> there are so many things we can't touch on but tell people how to watch the show. >> you can check the listing. you can see it any time at
7:59 am and it's all there, the deals. >> if you go there you can check out amazing deals through both locations. thanks, dave, for join uing us. >> my pleasure. >> for great deals to create your next holiday go to pleasantholidays/mexico. see you next time. >> adiós. rule the tweet. rule the bedtime. rule the upload. verizon built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now, you can get a new samsung fascinate for $199.99 after mail-in rebate.


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